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[mahy-uh-len-sef-uh-lon] /ˌmaɪ ə lɛnˈsɛf əˌlɒn/

noun, plural myelencephalons, myelencephala
[mahy-uh-len-sef-uh-luh] /ˌmaɪ ə lɛnˈsɛf ə lə/ (Show IPA). Anatomy.
the posterior section of the hindbrain comprising the medulla oblongata.
noun (pl) -lons, -la (-lə)
the part of the embryonic hindbrain that develops into the medulla oblongata Nontechnical name afterbrain

myelencephalon my·e·len·ceph·a·lon (mī’ə-lěn-sěf’ə-lŏn’)
The posterior portion of the embryonic hindbrain, from which the medulla oblongata develops.
my’e·len·ce·phal’ic (-sə-fāl’ĭk) adj.


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