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[mahy-oh-i-lek-trik] /ˌmaɪ oʊ ɪˈlɛk trɪk/

of or relating to electrical impulses, generated by muscles of the body, which may be amplified and used especially to control artificial limbs.
of or relating to an artificial limb under myoelectric control.
denoting a type of powered artificial hand or limb that detects electrical changes in the muscles of the stump and converts these into movements

myoelectric my·o·e·lec·tric (mī’ō-ĭ-lěk’trĭk)
Of or relating to the electrical properties of muscle tissue from which impulses may be amplified, used especially in the control or operation of prosthetic devices.


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    myoendocarditis my·o·en·do·car·di·tis (mī’ō-ěn’dō-kär-dī’tĭs) n. Inflammation of the endocardium and of the muscular wall of the heart.

  • Myoepithelioma

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