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Myoid cell

myoid cell n.
See peritubular contractile cell.


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  • Myo-inositol

    myo-inositol my·o-in·o·si·tol (mī’ō-ĭ-nō’sĭ-tôl’, -tōl’, ī-nō’-) n. A form of inositol that is a component of the vitamin B complex and occurs widely in microorganisms, higher plants, and animals.

  • Myokinesimeter

    myokinesimeter my·o·kin·e·sim·e·ter (mī’ō-kĭn’ĭ-sĭm’ĭ-tər, -kī’nĭ-) n. A device for registering the duration and the extent of contraction of muscles in response to electric stimulation.

  • Myokymia

    [mahy-uh-kim-ee-uh] /ˌmaɪ əˈkɪm i ə/ noun, Pathology. 1. twitching of individual segments of a muscle. myokymia my·o·ky·mi·a (mī’ō-kī’mē-ə, -kĭm’ē-ə) n. A benign condition, often familial, characterized by irregular twitching of groups of muscle fibers giving a rippling appearance to the overlying skin. Also called kymatism.

  • Myolipoma

    myolipoma my·o·li·po·ma (mī’ō-lĭ-pō’mə, -lī-) n. A benign tumor that consists chiefly of fat cells, with variable numbers of muscle cells forming portions of the tumor.

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