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Myopic astigmatism

myopic astigmatism n.
Astigmatism in which one meridian is myopic while the one at a right angle to it is without refractive error.


Read Also:

  • Myopic crescent

    myopic crescent n. A white or grayish white crescent-shaped area in the fundus of the eye caused by atrophy of the choroid.

  • Myoplasm

    myoplasm my·o·plasm (mī’ə-plāz’əm) n. The contractile portion of the muscle cell.

  • Myoplastic

    myoplastic my·o·plas·tic (mī’ə-plās’tĭk) adj.

  • Myoplasty

    myoplasty my·o·plas·ty (mī’ə-plās’tē) n. Plastic surgery of muscular tissue.

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