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myotrophy my·ot·ro·phy (mī-ŏt’rə-fē)
Nutrition of muscular tissue.


Read Also:

  • Myotony

    myotony my·ot·o·ny (mī-ŏt’n-ē) n. Muscular tonus or tension.

  • Myotubular myopathy

    myotubular myopathy my·o·tu·bu·lar myopathy (mī’ō-tōō’byə-lər, -tyōō’-) n. See centronuclear myopathy.

  • Myotube

    myotube my·o·tube (mī’ə-tōōb’, -tyōōb’) n. A developing skeletal muscle fiber with a tubular appearance.

  • Myr

    1. Malaysia-ringgit (currency) 2. Myrtle Beach International Airport

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