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[mik-soh-mahy-see-tuh s] /ˌmɪk soʊ maɪˈsi təs/

of or relating to a slime mold.


Read Also:

  • Myxopapillary ependymoma

    myxopapillary ependymoma myx·o·pap·il·lar·y ependymoma (mĭk’sō-pāp’ə-lěr’ē, -pə-pĭl’ə-rē) n. A slow-growing ependymoma of the terminal filum occurring most often in young adults and consisting of cuboidal cells surrounding a mucinous vascular core.

  • Myxopapilloma

    myxopapilloma myx·o·pap·il·lo·ma (mĭk’sō-pāp’ə-lō’mə) n. A papilloma in which the stroma resembles primitive mesenchymal tissue.

  • Myxophobia

    noun a fear of slime, mucus; also called blennophobia See blennophobia

  • Myxopoiesis

    myxopoiesis myx·o·poi·e·sis (mĭk’sō-poi-ē’sĭs) n. The production of mucus.

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