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no good.
National Guard.
New Guinea.
no good.

abbreviation of no good, attested from 1838; variant n.b.g. for no bloody good is first recorded 1903.


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  • Nga

    abbreviation (formerly, in Britain) 1. National Graphical Association 1. National Governors Association 2. Natural Gas Association

  • Ngadju

    [uh ng-gah-joo] /əŋˈgɑ dʒu/ noun, plural Ngadjus (especially collectively) Ngadju for 1. 1. a member of any of several Dayak tribes of southern Borneo. 2. the Austronesian language of the Ngadju.

  • Ngai

    /əŋˈɡɑːiː/ prefix 1. (NZ) clan or tribe: used before the names of certain Māori tribes: Ngai Tahu

  • Ngaio

    /ˈnaɪəʊ/ noun (pl) ngaios 1. a small New Zealand tree, Myoporum laetum, yielding useful timber: family Myoporaceae

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