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  • Nopal

    [noh-puh l, noh-pahl, -pal] /ˈnoʊ pəl, noʊˈpɑl, -ˈpæl/ noun 1. any of several cacti of the genus Nopalea, resembling the prickly pear. 2. the fruit of such a cactus, or of a similar cactus, as the prickly pear. /ˈnəʊpəl/ noun 1. any of various cactuses of the genus Nopalea, esp the red-flowered N. cochinellifera, which […]

  • No-par

    [noh-pahr] /ˈnoʊˌpɑr/ adjective 1. without par or face value: no-par stock. adjective 1. (of securities) without a par value

  • No-parking

    adj. 1956, from the wording of the sign designating a place where vehicles may not be parked (1946); see no + parking.

  • Nope

    [nohp] /noʊp/ adverb, Informal. 1. 1 (def 1). /nəʊp/ sentence substitute 1. an informal word for no1 adv. 1888, emphatic form of no, with emphasis on the closing of the lips. negation No [1888+; fr no plus an intrusive stop resulting from the closure of the lips, rather than the glottis as is normal] network […]

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