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not otherwise specified.
not otherwise specified


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  • No sale

    negation No; absolutely not; no dice, no soap, no way: Sorry, Still No Sale; Assad still denied that terrorism had been discussed with the White House [1934+; fr the sign that rose into the glass indexing window of a cash register when the No Sale key was punched]

  • Nosb

    National Organic Standards Board

  • Noscapine

    noscapine nos·ca·pine (nŏs’kə-pēn’) n. An alkaloid occurring in opium that suppresses the cough reflex and is used as an antitussive.

  • Nosce-te-ipsum

    [nohs-ke tey ip-soo m; English noh-see tee ip-suh m] /ˈnoʊs kɛ teɪ ˈɪp sʊm; English ˈnoʊ si ti ˈɪp səm/ Latin. 1. know thyself.

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