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[nab] /næb/

verb (used with object), nabbed, nabbing. Informal.
to arrest or capture.
to catch or seize, especially suddenly.
to snatch or steal.
verb (transitive) (informal) nabs, nabbing, nabbed
to arrest
to catch (someone) in wrongdoing
to seize suddenly; snatch

“to catch (someone),” 1680s, probably a variant of dialectal nap “to seize, catch, lay hold of” (1670s, now surviving only in kidnap), which possibly is from Scandinavian (cf. Norwegian nappe, Swedish nappa “to catch, snatch;” Danish nappe “to pinch, pull”); reinforced by Middle English napand “grasping, greedy.” Related: Nabbed; nabbing.


(also nabs) A police officer or detective (1950s+ Street gang)


To catch; seize; arrest; collar: The officers nabbed him around the corner (1686+)

[fr dialect nap as in kidnap, perhaps related to Swedish nappa, ”catch,” or Danish nappe, ”pull”; probably related to nip; the noun sense is recorded in British criminal slang by 1813]
National Association of Broadcasters
New American Bible


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