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[nuh-geeb] /nəˈgib/

Mohammed, 1901–1984, Egyptian general and political leader: premier 1952–54; president 1953–54.


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    /nag’weir/ [Usenet] The variety of shareware that displays a large screen at the beginning or end reminding you to register, typically requiring some sort of keystroke to continue so that you can’t use the software in batch mode. Compare crippleware. [Jargon File]

  • Nagy

    [nod-yuh, noj] /ˈnɒd yə, nɒdʒ/ noun 1. Imre [im-re] /ˈɪm rɛ/ (Show IPA), 1896–1958, Hungarian political leader: premier 1953–55, 1956. /Hungarian nɔdj/ noun 1. Imre (ˈimrɛ). 1896–1958, Hungarian statesman; prime minister (1953–55; 1956). He was removed from office and later executed when Soviet forces suppressed the revolution of 1956; reburied with honours in 1989

  • Nagyszeben

    /ˈnɔdjseːˌbɛn/ noun 1. the Hungarian name for Sibiu

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    [nod-yuh-vah-rod, noj-] /ˈnɒd yəˌvɑ rɒd, ˈnɒdʒ-/ noun 1. Hungarian name of . /ˈnɔdjvaːrɔd/ noun 1. the Hungarian name for Oradea

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