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a polish of quick-drying lacquer, either clear or colored, used to paint the fingernails or toenails.
a quick-drying lacquer applied to colour the nails or make them shiny or esp both


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  • Nail-scissors

    noun, (usually used with a plural verb) 1. small scissors with short curved blades for trimming the fingernails or toenails.

  • Nail-set

    noun 1. a short rod of steel used to drive a nail below or flush with a surface. noun 1. a punch for driving the head of a nail below or flush with the surrounding surface

  • Nail-sick

    [neyl-sik] /ˈneɪlˌsɪk/ adjective, Nautical. 1. .

  • Nail someone to the cross

    verb phrase To punish severely and publicly; make an example of; crucify: We are going to nail them to the cross/ We would not nail an airline to the wall if it made its best effort/ I wonder why nobody tried to nail his hide to the wall for the Irish jokes he told over […]

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