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noun, British.


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  • Nail-violin

    noun 1. a musical instrument consisting of a wooden cylinder or half cylinder with a number of nails or U -shaped metal pins inserted into its surface, played with one or two fiddle bows.

  • Nail wrap

    noun a beauty treatment for strengthening and thickening the fingernails by applying liquid fibers Examples We do not understand why she spends money on nail wraps and then undertakes home improvement projects.

  • Naima

    [nah-ee-muh] /nɑˈi mə/ noun 1. a female given name: from an Arabic word meaning “benevolent.”.

  • Nain

    [luh nan] /lə ˈnɛ̃/ noun 1. Antoine [ahn-twan] /ɑ̃ˈtwan/ (Show IPA), (“the Elder”) 1588?–1648, and his two brothers Louis [lwee] /lwi/ (Show IPA) (“the Roman”), 1593?–1648, and Mathieu [ma-tyœ] /maˈtyœ/ (Show IPA) 1607–77, French painters. (from Heb. nain, “green pastures,” “lovely”), the name of a town near the gate of which Jesus raised to life […]

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