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[nuh-kee-chuh-vahn; Russian nuh-khyi-chyi-vahn] /nəˌki tʃəˈvɑn; Russian nə xyɪ tʃyɪˈvɑn/

Also called Nakhichevan City. a city in and the capital of Naxçivan.
[nahkh-chi-vahn; Russian nahkh-chyi-vahn] /ˌnɑx tʃɪˈvɑn; Russian ˌnɑx tʃyɪˈvɑn/
an autonomous republic, an exclave of Azerbaijan, bordering Armenia, Turkey, and Iran. 2124 sq. mi. (5500 sq. km).
Capital: Nakhichevan.
/Russian nəxitʃɪˈvanj/
a city in W Azerbaijan, capital of the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic: an ancient trading town; ceded to Russia in 1828. Pop: 66 800 (1994) Ancient name Naxuana (ˌnækˈswɑːnə)


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