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[nam-bee-pam-bee] /ˈnæm biˈpæm bi/

without firm methods or policy; weak or indecisive:
namby-pamby handling of juvenile offenders.
lacking in character, directness, or moral or emotional strength:
namby-pamby writing.
weakly sentimental, pretentious, or affected; insipid.
noun, plural namby-pambies for 4.
a namby-pamby person:
written by and for namby-pambies.
namby-pamby sentiment:
the harmless namby-pamby of a birthday card.
namby-pamby verse or prose.
sentimental or prim in a weak insipid way: namby-pamby manners
clinging, feeble, or spineless: a namby-pamby child
noun (pl) -bies
a person who is namby-pamby

“weakly sentimental, insipidly pretty,” 1745, from satiric nickname of English poet Ambrose Philips (1674-1749) mocking his sentimental pastorals addressed to infant members of the nobility. Used first in 1726 in a farce credited to Carey. Related: Namby-pambical.


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