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Name syndrome

NAME syndrome (nām)
See LAMB syndrome.


Read Also:

  • Nametag

    [neym-tag] /ˈneɪmˌtæg/ noun 1. an or label showing one’s and sometimes one’s address or business affiliation, attached to an article of clothing or worn around the neck or wrist.

  • Nametape

    /ˈneɪmˌteɪp/ noun 1. a narrow cloth tape bearing the owner’s name and attached to an article

  • Name-tape

    noun 1. a fabric tape on which a person’s name is written, woven, or printed: for affixing to garments and other personal belongings to identify ownership.

  • Name the day

    Fix the date for a wedding, as in Her parents pressed her to name the day. This expression was first recorded in 1766. However, similar usages for specifying a time, such as name the time, date from the late 1500s.

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