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[nam-uh] /ˈnæm ə/

noun, Australian.
(Austral) a natural well in a rock


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  • Nammu

    [nah-moo] /ˈnɑ mu/ noun 1. a Sumerian goddess personifying the primeval sea: the mother of the gods and of heaven and earth.

  • Nampa

    [nam-puh] /ˈnæm pə/ noun 1. a city in W Idaho.

  • Nam-pla

    [nahm plah] /ˈnɑm ˈplɑ/ noun 1. a fish sauce used in Thai cookery. /ˌnæm ˈplɑː/ noun 1. a fermented fish sauce with a strong aroma and a salty taste, often used in Thai cookery

  • Nampula

    [nam-poo-luh] /næmˈpu lə/ noun 1. a city in E Mozambique.

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