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[nan-ee-ber-ee] /ˈnæn iˌbɛr i/

noun, plural nannyberries.


Read Also:

  • Nanny cam

    noun 1. a camera that transmits images to a computer, used to monitor children in another location noun a surveillance camera by which parents can watch children and/or their caregivers from a remote location; also called kiddie cam , kid cam See kiddie cam

  • Nannydom

    noun overprotectiveness on the part of an institution, likened to that of a caregiver

  • Nannygai

    [nan-ee-gahy] /ˈnæn iˌgaɪ/ noun 1. a small red saltwater fish, Trachichthodes affinis, of Australian waters. /ˈnænɪˌɡaɪ/ noun (pl) -gais 1. an edible sea fish, Centroberyx affinis, of Australia, which is red in colour and has large prominent eyes Also called red fish

  • Nanny-goat

    noun 1. a female goat. noun 1. a female goat Compare billy goat

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