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/nan’oh-k*m-pyoo’tr/ A computer with molecular-sized switching elements. Designs for mechanical nanocomputers which use single-molecule sliding rods for their logic have been proposed. The controller for a nanobot would be a nanocomputer.
Some nanocomputers can also be called quantum computers because quantum physics plays a major role in calculations. Richard P. Feynman is still cited today for his work in this area.
[“Feynman Lectures on Computation”, Richard P. Feynman (Editor, Author), Robin W. Allen (Editor), Tony Hey (Author)]
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    nanocormia nan·o·cor·mi·a (nān’ə-kôr’mē-ə) n. See microsomia.

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    /ˈnænəʊˌdɒt/ noun 1. a microscopic cluster of several hundred nickel atoms that can be used to store extremely large amounts of data in a computer chip

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    jargon (Adelaide University) 10^-9 fortnights or about 1.2 milliseconds. This unit was used largely by students doing undergraduate practicals. See microfortnight, attoparsec, and micro-. (1996-11-15)

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