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noun, Oceanography.
a waterproof container for taking samples of ocean water, several usually being lowered open on a line and each being closed at the desired depth by the action of a falling weight.
an instrument used by oceanographers for obtaining samples of sea water from a desired depth
Nansen bottle
(nān’sən, nän’-)
An ocean-water sampling bottle with spring-loaded valves at both ends that are closed at an appropriate depth by a messenger device sent down the wire connecting the bottle to the surface. The Nansen bottle has been replaced by the Niskin bottle, which is made of plastic and thus does not corrode like Nansen’s metal bottle. These plastic bottles, however, are frequently referred to as Nansen bottles because their basic design is the same. The Nansen bottle was named for its inventor, Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen (1861-1930).


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