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[naf-thuh, nap-] /ˈnæf θə, ˈnæp-/

a colorless, volatile distillate, usually an intermediate product between gasoline and benzine, used as a solvent, fuel, etc.
Compare .
any of various similar liquids distilled from other products.
/ˈnæfθə; ˈnæp-/
a distillation product from coal tar boiling in the approximate range 80–170°C and containing aromatic hydrocarbons
a distillation product from petroleum boiling in the approximate range 100–200°C and containing aliphatic hydrocarbons: used as a solvent and in petrol
an obsolete name for petroleum

inflammable liquid distilled from petroleum, 1570s, from Latin, from Greek naphtha “bitumen,” perhaps from Persian neft “pitch,” or Aramaic naphta, nephta, but these could as well be from Greek. In Middle English as napte (late 14c.), from Old French napte, but the modern word is a re-introduction.

naphtha naph·tha (nāf’thə, nāp’-)
Any of several highly volatile, flammable liquid mixtures of hydrocarbons distilled from petroleum, coal tar, or natural gas and used as solvents and in making various chemicals.
Any of several liquid mixtures of hydrocarbons made by refining petroleum or by breaking down coal tar. Naphtha is usually flammable, and is used as a solvent and as an ingredient in gasoline. It is also used to make plastics.


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