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[nuh-poh-lee-on-ik] /nəˌpoʊ liˈɒn ɪk/

pertaining to, resembling, or suggestive of , or, less often, , or their dynasty:
the Napoleonic era; a Napoleonic attitude toward one’s employees.
relating to or characteristic of Napoleon I or his era


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  • Napoleonic-code

    noun 1. . [kawd na-paw-ley-awn] /kɔd na pɔ leɪˈɔ̃/ noun 1. the civil code of France, enacted in 1804 and officially designated in 1807. /kɔd napɔleɔ̃/ noun 1. the civil code of France, promulgated between 1804 and 1810, comprising the main body of French civil law English name Napoleonic Code noun 1. the English name […]

  • Napoleonic-wars

    plural noun 1. the intermittent wars (1796–1815) waged by France principally against England, Prussia, Austria, and Russia. plural noun 1. the series of wars fought between France, under Napoleon Bonaparte, and (principally) Great Britain, Prussia, Russia, and Austria either alone or in alliances (1799–1815)

  • Napoleon II

    noun 1. (François Charles Joseph Bonaparte; Duke of Reichstadt) 1811–32, titular king of Rome (son of Napoleon I). noun 1. Duke of Reichstadt. 1811–32, son of Napoleon Bonaparte and Marie Louise. He was known as the King of Rome during the first French empire and was entitled Napoleon II by Bonapartists after Napoleon I’s death […]

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    [nah-paw-lee] /ˈnɑ pɔ li/ noun 1. Italian name of . /ˈnaːpoli/ noun 1. the Italian name for Naples

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