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[nap-ee] /ˈnæp i/

noun, Chiefly Scot.
liquor, especially ale.
[nap-ee] /ˈnæp i/
noun, plural nappies.
a small shallow dish, usually round and often of glass, with a flat bottom and sloping sides, for serving food.
[nap-ee] /ˈnæp i/
adjective, nappier, nappiest.
covered with ; downy.
(of hair) kinky.
[nap-ee] /ˈnæp i/
noun, plural nappies. Chiefly British.
a diaper.
noun (pl) -pies
(Brit) a piece of soft material, esp towelling or a disposable material, wrapped around a baby in order to absorb its urine and excrement Also called napkin US and Canadian name diaper
adjective -pier, -piest
having a nap; downy; fuzzy
(of alcoholic drink, esp beer)

(dialect, mainly Brit) slightly intoxicated; tipsy
(of a horse) jumpy or irritable; nervy
any strong alcoholic drink, esp heady beer

“downy,” late 15c., from nap (n.1) + -y (2). Meaning “fuzzy, kinky,” used in colloquial or derogatory reference to the hair of black people, is from 1950.


Dirty; messy: Kelly’s panties are nappy. No doubt, she’s been wearing them for a week (1980s+ Students)


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