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[nahr-koh-muh] /nɑrˈkoʊ mə/

noun, plural narcomas, narcomata
[nahr-koh-muh-tuh] /nɑrˈkoʊ mə tə/ (Show IPA). Medicine/Medical.
stupor produced by narcotics.

narcoma nar·co·ma (när-kō’mə)
Stupor induced by a narcotic.


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  • Narcology

    noun the study of drug and alcohol abuse and associated treatments; also, this study as a medical specialty Examples Narcology is an important specialty developed in Russia. Word Origin Russian narkologija

  • Narcomancy

    noun divination using sleep, esp. eliciting information from a sleeping person

  • Narcomania

    [nahr-kuh-mey-nee-uh] /ˌnɑr kəˈmeɪ ni ə/ noun 1. Psychiatry. abnormal craving for a drug to deaden pain. noun a passion or craving for narcotic drugs Word Origin narco(tic) + mania n. 1887, from narco- + mania.

  • Narcoms

    North American Research Consortium on Multiple Sclerosis

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