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Narrow boat

a long narrow bargelike boat with a beam of 2.1 m (7 ft) or less, used on canals


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    [nar-oh-kast, -kahst] /ˈnær oʊˌkæst, -ˌkɑst/ verb (used without object), narrowcast or narrowcasted, narrowcasting. Radio and Television. 1. to aim a program or programming at a specific, limited audience or sales market. /ˈnærəʊˌkɑːst/ verb -casts, -casting, -cast, -casted 1. (transitive) to supply (television programmes) to a small area by cable television 2. (intransitive) (of programmers or […]

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    A barely successful flight from or avoidance of danger or trouble, as in He had a narrow escape, since the bullet came within inches of his head. This expression uses narrow in the sense of “barely sufficient.” [ Late 1500s ] For a newer synonym, see close call

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