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Nasal bone

nasal bone n.
An elongated rectangular bone that forms the bridge of the nose.


Read Also:

  • Nasal capsule

    nasal capsule n. The cartilage surrounding the developing nasal cavity of an embryo.

  • Nasal cavity

    nasal cavity n. The cavity on either side of the nasal septum, extending from the nares to the pharynx, and lying between the floor of the cranium and the roof of the mouth.

  • Nasal crest

    nasal crest n. The midline ridge in the floor of the nasal cavity to which the vomer is attached.

  • Nasal demons

    Recognised shorthand on the Usenet group comp.std.c for any unexpected behaviour of a C compiler on encountering an undefined construct. During a discussion on that group in early 1992, a regular remarked “When the compiler encounters [a given undefined construct] it is legal for it to make demons fly out of your nose” (the implication […]

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