[ney-zuh l] /ˈneɪ zəl/

of or relating to the nose:
the nasal cavity.
Phonetics. pronounced with the voice issuing through the nose, either partly, as in French nasal vowels, or entirely (as in m, n, or the ng of song).
Phonetics. a nasal speech sound.
of or relating to the nose
(phonetics) pronounced with the soft palate lowered allowing air to escape via the nasal cavity instead of or as well as through the mouth
a nasal speech sound, such as English m, n, or ng
another word for nosepiece (sense 1)

1650s, “of the nose,” from French nasal, from Latin nasus “nose, the nose, sense of smell,” from PIE *nas- (see nose (n.)). Of speech sounds, attested from 1660s. As a noun, “nasal letter or sound,” from 1660s. Related: Nasality; nasalization.

nasal na·sal (nā’zəl)
Of, in, or relating to the nose.
Relating to or involving the nose.

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  • Nasalize

    [ney-zuh-lahyz] /ˈneɪ zəˌlaɪz/ Phonetics verb (used with object), nasalized, nasalizing. 1. to pronounce as a sound. verb (used without object), nasalized, nasalizing. 2. to pronounce normally oral sounds as nasal sounds. /ˈneɪzəˌlaɪz/ verb 1. (transitive) to pronounce nasally

  • Nasally

    [ney-zuh-lee, -zuh l-lee] /ˈneɪ zə li, -zəl li/ adverb 1. in a manner. 2. by inhaling through the nose: to take drugs nasally.

  • Nasal meatus

    nasal meatus n. Any of three passages, designated inferior, middle, and superior, in the nasal cavity that are formed by the projection of the ethmoidal crests.

  • Nasal muscle

    nasal muscle n. A muscle whose transverse part arises from the maxilla on each side and passes across the bridge of the nose, and whose alar part arises from the maxilla and attaches to the ala of the nose, with nerve supply from the facial nerve, and whose action dilates the nostrils.

  • Nasal pit

    nasal pit n. One of a pair of depressions formed in the developing face and giving rise to the rostral portion of the nasal meatus. Also called olfactory pit.

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