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[nash-vil] /ˈnæʃ vɪl/

a city in and the capital of Tennessee, in the central part: battle 1864.
[ten-uh-see] /ˌtɛn əˈsi/
a state in the SE United States. 42,246 sq. mi. (109,415 sq. km).
Capital: Nashville.
Abbreviation: TN (for use with zip code), Tenn.
a river flowing from E Tennessee through N Alabama, W Tennessee, and SW Kentucky into the Ohio near Paducah. 652 miles (1050 km) long.
a city in central Tennessee, the state capital, on the Cumberland River: an industrial and commercial centre, noted for its recording industry. Pop (including Davidson): 544 765 (2003 est)
a state of the E central US: consists of a plain in the west, rising to the Appalachians and the Cumberland Plateau in the east. Capital: Nashville. Pop: 5 841 748 (2003 est). Area: 109 412 sq km (42 244 sq miles) Abbreviation Tenn, (with zip code) TN
a river in the E central US, flowing southwest from E Tennessee into N Alabama, then west and north to the Ohio River at Paducah: the longest tributary of the Ohio; includes a series of dams and reservoirs under the Tennessee Valley Authority. Length: 1049 km (652 miles)

capital of Tennessee, U.S., named for Gen. Francis Nash (1742-1777) of North Carolina, U.S. Revolutionary War hero killed at the Battle of Germantown. The surname is attested from 1296 in Sussex Subsidy Rolls, atten Eysse, atte Nasche (with assimilation of -n- from a preposition; see N), meaning “near an ash tree,” or “near a place called Ash.” In reference to a type of country & western music that originated there, 1963.

state and river, from Cherokee (Iroquoian) village name ta’nasi’, of unknown origin.

City in central Tennessee.

Note: Center of country music.

State in the south-central United States bordered by Kentucky and Virginia to the north; North Carolina to the east; Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi to the south; and Arkansas and Missouri to the west. Its capital is Nashville, and its largest city is Memphis.

Note: One of the Confederate states during the Civil War.


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