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nasolabial na·so·la·bi·al (nā’zō-lā’bē-əl)
Relating to the nose and the upper lip.


Read Also:

  • Nasolabial node

    nasolabial node n. Any of the lymph nodes near the junction of the superior labial and facial arteries.

  • Nasolacrimal

    [ney-zoh-lak-ruh-muh l] /ˌneɪ zoʊˈlæk rə məl/ adjective, Anatomy. 1. of or relating to the structures and the nose. nasolacrimal na·so·lac·ri·mal (nā’zō-lāk’rə-məl) adj. Relating to the nasal bones and the lacrimal bones, or to the nasal cavity and the lacrimal ducts.

  • Nasolacrimal canal

    nasolacrimal canal n. The bony canal that is formed by the maxilla, lacrimal bone, and inferior concha and transmits the nasolacrimal duct.

  • Nasologic

    adjective pertaining to noses or the study of noses; also called nasological Examples The center is undertaking nasologic experiments. Word Origin nasolog(y) + -ical

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