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[nash-uh-nl-ahyz, nash-nuh-lahyz] /ˈnæʃ ə nlˌaɪz, ˈnæʃ nəˌlaɪz/

verb (used with object), nationalized, nationalizing.
to bring under the ownership or control of a , as industries and land:
a movement to nationalize the oil industry.
to make into a .
to naturalize.
to make in extent or scope:
a magazine article that nationalized a local problem.
verb (used without object), nationalized, nationalizing.
to become nationalized or naturalized:
Those who remain in the country must nationalize.
/ˈnæʃənəˌlaɪz; ˈnæʃnə-/
verb (transitive)
to put (an industry, resources, etc) under state control or ownership
to make national in scope, character, or status
a less common word for naturalize

1801, “act of rendering national in character,” from nationalize + -ation. Meaning “act of bringing (property) under control of the national government” is from 1874.

1800, “invest with a national character,” from national + -ize. Meaning “bring under state control” is from 1869. Related: Nationalized; nationalizing.

The taking over of private property by a national government.

A government takeover of a private business.


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