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to bring under the ownership or control of a , as industries and land:
a movement to nationalize the oil industry.
to make into a .
to naturalize.
to make in extent or scope:
a magazine article that nationalized a local problem.
to become nationalized or naturalized:
Those who remain in the country must nationalize.
Contemporary Examples

As a result, her biggest strength, even some Republicans here concede, is her ability to nationalize the contest at every turn.
Nikki Haley Brings Out Perry, Jindal, and Walker for Reelection Bid David Catanese August 26, 2013

The goal is to nationalize the race around Obama, whose approval rating in Kansas is just 33 percent.
As Roberts and Orman Double Down, It’s War in Kansas Eleanor Clift September 30, 2014

They do not want to demonize undocumented workers, nationalize the Arizona immigration law, or kill the Dream Act.
Paul Begala on Romney’s Desperate Dive to the Right in the Arizona Debate Paul Begala February 22, 2012

Democrats have been anxious not to nationalize the election as a referendum on President Obama.
What the GOP Will Do If It Wins Congress Stuart Stevens October 2, 2014

After the speech, Dick Morris says Obama is in the midst of an elaborate plan to nationalize the banks that are being bailed out.
5 Strangest Moments From Obama’s Presser The Daily Beast Video March 24, 2009

Historical Examples

He never was in favor of any, nor (I) opposed to any, till the present one, which helps to nationalize Slavery.
The Great Conspiracy, Complete John Alexander Logan

His formula was “to royalize France and to nationalize the monarchy.”
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 7, Slice 10 Various

It probably took that name because its aim was to nationalize the functions of production and distribution.
Looking Backward Edward Bellamy

Details, if fairly studied, would do much to nationalize our architecture.
Continental Monthly, Volume 5, Issue 4 Various

Understand me, Sir, I do not seek to centralize, but to nationalize.
Charles Sumner; his complete works, volume 18 (of 20) Charles Sumner

verb (transitive)
to put (an industry, resources, etc) under state control or ownership
to make national in scope, character, or status
a less common word for naturalize

1800, “invest with a national character,” from national + -ize. Meaning “bring under state control” is from 1869. Related: Nationalized; nationalizing.


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