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Natural high


a euphoric or excited state that is not due to ingestion of drugs or another substance

Accomplishing her to-do list gave her a natural high.


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  • Natural-history

    noun 1. the sciences, as botany, mineralogy, or zoology, dealing with the study of all objects in nature: used especially in reference to the beginnings of these sciences in former times. 2. the study of these sciences. noun 1. the study of animals and plants in the wild state 2. the study of all natural […]

  • Natural-immunity

    noun 1. immunity that is present without prior immunization. noun 1. immunity with which an individual is born, which has a genetic basis natural immunity n. See innate immunity.

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    [nach-er-uh-lis-tik, nach-ruh-] /ˌnætʃ ər əˈlɪs tɪk, ˌnætʃ rə-/ adjective 1. imitating or the usual surroundings. 2. pertaining to or . 3. pertaining to , especially in literature and art. /ˌnætʃrəˈlɪstɪk; -tʃərə-/ adjective 1. of, imitating, or reproducing nature in effect or characteristics 2. of or characteristic of naturalism, esp in art or literature 3. of […]

  • Naturalistic fallacy

    noun 1. the supposed fallacy of inferring evaluative conclusions from purely factual premises Compare Hume’s law, non-naturalism

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