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a language used as a native tongue by a group of speakers.
a language that has evolved naturally as a means of communication among people Compare artificial language, formal language
languages of this kind considered collectively


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  • Natural language processing

    artificial intelligence (NLP) Computer understanding, analysis, manipulation, and/or generation of natural language. This can refer to anything from fairly simple string-manipulation tasks like stemming, or building concordances of natural language texts, to higher-level AI-like tasks like processing user queries in natural language. (1997-09-12)

  • Natural-law

    noun 1. a principle or body of laws considered as derived from nature, right reason, or religion and as ethically binding in human society. noun 1. an ethical belief or system of beliefs supposed to be inherent in human nature and discoverable by reason rather than revelation 2. a nonlogically necessary truth; law of nature […]

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    noun 1. a deposit of sand or mud built up along, and sloping away from, either side of the flood plain of a river or stream.

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    noun, Mathematics. 1. a logarithm having e as a base. Symbol: ln. noun 1. a logarithm to the base e. Usually written loge or ln Also called Napierian logarithm Compare e (sense 1), common logarithm natural logarithm A logarithm using base e. Natural logarithms are common in mathematics, especially in cases involving complex numbers. They […]

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