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Natural wastage

another term for attrition (sense 3)


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  • Natura-non-facit-saltum

    [nah-too-rah nohn fah-kit sahl-too m; English nuh-too r-uh non fey-sit sal-tuh m, -tyoo r-] /nɑˈtu rɑ noʊn ˈfɑ kɪt ˈsɑl tʊm; English nəˈtʊər ə nɒn ˈfeɪ sɪt ˈsæl təm, -ˈtyʊər-/ Latin. 1. nature makes no leap.

  • Nature boy

    noun a male who is fascinated with and spends much time in the outdoors; also called nature girl Examples The nature boy always exercises outside.

  • Nature conservancy council

    noun 1. (in Britain) a body set up by act of parliament in 1973 to establish and manage nature reserves, identify SSSIs, and provide information and advice about nature conservation. In 1991–92 it was replaced by English Nature, Scottish Natural Heritage, and the Countryside Council for Wales NCC

  • Natured

    [ney-cherd] /ˈneɪ tʃərd/ adjective 1. having a temperament of a particular kind (usually used in combination): good-natured.

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