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a system of religion based on the deification and worship of natural forces and phenomena.
love of nature.


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  • Nature-walk

    noun 1. a walk on a , especially with an experienced guide. 2. .

  • Nature-trail

    noun 1. a path through a forest, wildlife preserve, or the like, especially one designed to provide opportunities for observing and learning about the flora and fauna. noun 1. a path through countryside designed and usually signposted to draw attention to natural features of interest

  • Nature tourism

    noun travel or vacationing to natural areas with a focus on wildlife and promotion of understanding and conservation of the environment; also called ecotourism

  • Nature-study

    noun 1. the study of plants and animals, especially by amateurs. noun 1. the study of the natural world, esp animals and plants, by direct observation at an elementary level

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