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a variant spelling of nautch


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  • Naucratis

    [naw-kruh-tis] /ˈnɔ krə tɪs/ noun 1. an ancient Greek city in N Egypt, on the Nile delta. /ˈnɔːkrətɪs/ noun 1. an ancient Greek city in N Egypt, in the Nile delta: founded in the 7th century bc

  • Naugahyde

    [naw-guh-hahyd] /ˈnɔ gəˌhaɪd/ Trademark. 1. a brand of strong vinyl-coated fabric made to look like leather and used for upholstery, luggage, etc. trademark name patented (U.S.) Dec. 7, 1937, by United States Rubber Products Inc., for an artificial leather made from fabric base treated with rubber, etc. From Naugatuk, rubber-making town in Connecticut, + hyde, […]

  • Naugatuck

    [naw-guh-tuhk] /ˈnɔ gəˌtʌk/ noun 1. a city in central Connecticut.

  • Naught

    [nawt] /nɔt/ noun 1. . 2. a cipher (0); zero. adjective 3. lost; ruined. 4. Archaic. worthless; useless. 5. Obsolete. morally bad; wicked. adverb 6. Obsolete. . Idioms 7. come to naught, to come to nothing; be without result or fruition; fail. 8. set at naught, to regard or treat as of no importance; disdain: […]

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