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Nav bar


See navigation bar

navigation bar


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  • Nave

    [neyv] /neɪv/ noun 1. the principal longitudinal area of a church, extending from the main entrance or narthex to the chancel, usually flanked by aisles of less height and breadth: generally used only by the congregation. /neɪv/ noun 1. the central space in a church, extending from the narthex to the chancel and often flanked […]

  • Navel

    [ney-vuh l] /ˈneɪ vəl/ noun 1. (def 1). 2. the central point or middle of any thing or place. 3. Heraldry. . /ˈneɪvəl/ noun 1. the scar in the centre of the abdomen, usually forming a slight depression, where the umbilical cord was attached Technical name umbilicus, related adjective umbilical 2. a central part, location, […]

  • Navel-gazing

    [ney-vuh l-gey-zing] /ˈneɪ vəlˌgeɪ zɪŋ/ noun, Slang. 1. excessive absorption in self-analysis or focus on a single issue. noun 1. (informal) self-absorbed behaviour

  • Navel-ill

    noun, Veterinary Pathology. 1. .

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