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looking younger than one’s years


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  • Neanthropic

    [nee-an-throp-ik] /ˌni ænˈθrɒp ɪk/ adjective, Anthropology. 1. of or relating to modern forms of humans as compared with extinct species of the genus Homo. neanthropic (nē’ən-thrŏp’ĭk) Relating to members of the extant species Homo sapiens as compared with other, now extinct species of Homo.

  • Neap

    [neep] /nip/ adjective 1. designating tides midway between spring tides that attain the least height. noun 2. neap tide. [neep] /nip/ noun, New England. 1. the pole or tongue of a cart, wagon, etc., drawn by two animals side by side. /niːp/ adjective 1. of, relating to, or constituting a neap tide noun 2. short […]

  • Neaped

    [neept] /nipt/ adjective, Nautical. 1. grounded until the next cycle of spring tides.

  • Neapolis

    new city, a town in Thrace at which Paul first landed in Europe (Acts 16:11). It was the sea-port of the inland town of Philippi, which was distant about 10 miles. From this port Paul embarked on his last journey to Jerusalem (Acts 20:6). It is identified with the modern Turco-Grecian Kavalla.

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