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[neb-yuh-luh s] /ˈnɛb yə ləs/

hazy, vague, indistinct, or confused:
a nebulous recollection of the meeting; a nebulous distinction between pride and conceit.
cloudy or cloudlike.
of or resembling a or nebulae in ; nebular.
lacking definite form, shape, or content; vague or amorphous: nebulous reasons
of, characteristic of, or resembling a nebula
(rare) misty or hazy

late 14c., “cloudy, misty,” from Latin nebulosus “cloudy, misty, foggy, full of vapor,” from nebula (see nebula). The figurative sense of “hazy, vague, formless” is first attested 1831. Astronomical sense is from 1670s. Related: Nebulously; nebulousness.


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