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[nek-pees] /ˈnɛkˌpis/

a scarf, especially one of fur.
a piece of fur, cloth, etc, worn around the neck or neckline


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  • Neck-rein

    [nek-reyn] /ˈnɛkˌreɪn/ verb (used with object) 1. to guide or direct (a horse) with the pressure of a rein on the opposite side of the neck from the direction in which the rider wishes to travel. verb (used without object) 2. (of a horse) to respond to such pressure from a rein by going in […]

  • Necktie

    [nek-tahy] /ˈnɛkˌtaɪ/ noun 1. a band of decorative fabric worn around the , under the collar, and in front to hang down the front of a shirt or to form a small bow. 2. any band, scarf, or fastened at the front of the . 3. Slang. a hangman’s rope. /ˈnɛkˌtaɪ/ noun 1. the US […]

  • Necktie-party

    noun, Older Slang. 1. a lynching or other execution by hanging. noun execution by hanging; also called necktie social , [necktie sociable] Usage Note slang noun phrase A hanging or lynching (1871+)

  • Necktie sociable

    noun See necktie party noun phrase A hanging or lynching (1871+)

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