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[nuh-kroh-sis, ne-] /nəˈkroʊ sɪs, nɛ-/

death of a circumscribed portion of animal or plant tissue.
the death of one or more cells in the body, usually within a localized area, as from an interruption of the blood supply to that part
death of plant tissue due to disease, frost, etc

“death of bodily tissue,” 1660s, from Greek nekrosis “a becoming dead, state of death,” from nekroun “make dead,” from nekros “dead body” (see necro-). Related: Necrotic.

necrosis ne·cro·sis (nə-krō’sĭs, ně-)
n. pl. ne·cro·ses (-sēz’)
Death of cells or tissues through injury or disease, especially in a localized area of the body.
ne·crot’ic (-krŏt’ĭk) adj.
The death of cells or tissues from severe injury or disease, especially in a localized area of the body. Causes of necrosis include inadequate blood supply (as in infarcted tissue), bacterial infection, traumatic injury, and hyperthermia.

necrotic adjective (nə-krŏt’ĭk)


Read Also:

  • Necrotic cirrhosis

    necrotic cirrhosis n. See postnecrotic cirrhosis.

  • Necrotic enteritis

    noun 1. (vet science) an infectious disease of calves, lambs, foals, and piglets, characterized by acute diarrhoea and death, caused by the toxin of the organism Clostridium perfringens type C

  • Necrotic inflammation

    necrotic inflammation n. Inflammation characterized by rapid necrosis throughout the affected tissue.

  • Necrotic pulp

    necrotic pulp n. Dental pulp that is necrotic as a result of trauma, chemical action, or infection, and that produces no response to thermal stimulation. Also called dead pulp, devitalized pulp, nonvital pulp.

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