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Necrotizing fasciitis


a rare acute streptococcal infection of the soft tissues occurring postoperatively with inadequate care of abscesses or ulcers

necrotizing fasciitis n.
Tissue death such as that associated with group A streptococcus infection.


Read Also:

  • Necrotizing sialometaplasia

    necrotizing sialometaplasia n. Squamous metaplasia of the salivary gland ducts and lobules with ischemic necrosis of the salivary gland lobules, occurring most frequently in the hard palate.

  • Necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis

    necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis n. Abbr. NUG See trench mouth.

  • Necrotomy

    [nuh-krot-uh-mee, ne-] /nəˈkrɒt ə mi, nɛ-/ noun, plural necrotomies. 1. Surgery. the excision of necrosed bone. 2. the dissection of dead bodies. /nɛˈkrɒtəmɪ/ noun (pl) -mies 1. dissection of a dead body 2. surgical excision of dead tissue from a living organism necrotomy ne·crot·o·my (nə-krŏt’ə-mē, ně-) n.

  • Necrotroph

    /ˈnɛkrəʊˌtrəʊf/ noun 1. a parasitic organism that kills the living cells of its host and then feeds on the dead matter

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