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[ned-uh] /ˈnɛd ə/

a female given name.


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  • Neddy

    [ned-ee] /ˈnɛd i/ noun, plural neddies. 1. British Informal. . 2. Australian Slang. a horse. /ˈnɛdɪ/ noun (pl) -dies 1. a child’s word for a donkey 2. (informal) a silly person; fool 3. (Austral, informal) a horse, esp a racehorse: he lost his money on the neddies

  • Nederland

    [ney-duh r-lahnt for 1; nee-der-land for 2] /ˈneɪ dərˌlɑnt for 1; ˈni dərˌlænd for 2/ noun 1. Dutch name of . 2. a city in SE texas. /ˈneːdərlɑnt/ noun 1. the Dutch name for the Netherlands

  • Neder-rijn

    [ney-duh r rahyn] /ˈneɪ dər ˈraɪn/ noun 1. Dutch name of the . noun 1. a section of the Rhine River between Bonn, Germany and the North Sea.

  • Nedette

    /nɛdˈɛt/ noun 1. (Scot, derogatory) a young working-class female who dresses in casual sports clothes

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