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Negative convergence

negative convergence n.
The outward divergence of the visual axes when the eyes are not required to be convergent, as when looking at the far point of normal vision or during sleep.


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  • Negative declination

    negative declination n. See intorsion.

  • Negative end-expiratory pressure

    negative end-expiratory pressure n. A subatmospheric pressure that developes at the airway at the end of expiration.

  • Negative-electricity

    noun 1. the electricity present in a body or substance that has an excess of electrons, as the electricity developed on a resin when rubbed with flannel.

  • Negative equity

    noun 1. the state of holding a property the value of which is less than the amount of mortgage still unpaid noun a situation when the market value of a property falls below the outstanding amount of its mortgage, sometimes forcing foreclosure

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