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Negative space


empty space, space around an object or form; also called white space


Read Also:

  • Negative-strand virus

    negative-strand virus n. An RNA virus whose genome is complementary to mRNA and that carries RNA polymerases necessary for the synthesis of mRNA.

  • Negative stain

    negative stain n. A stain forming an opaque or colored background to an object that appears translucent or colorless.

  • Negative-transfer

    noun, Psychology. 1. the obstruction of or interference with new learning because of previous learning, as when a U.S. tourist in England learns to drive on the left side of the road. negative transfer n. Interference of previous learning in the process of learning something new.

  • Negative tax

    noun 1. a payment by the State to a person with a low income, the magnitude of the payment increasing as the income decreases. It is regarded as a form of social welfare Also called negative income tax

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