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[nee-gris] /ˈni grɪs/

noun, Older Use: Usually Offensive.
a term used to refer to a black woman or girl.
a female Black person

1750, from French négresse, fem. of nègre “negro,” which came to French via Spanish or Portuguese (see Negro).


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  • Negri-body

    [ney-gree] /ˈneɪ gri/ noun 1. any of the microscopic bodies found in the nerve cells of animals affected with rabies. Negri body Ne·gri body (nā’grē) n. An eosinophilic inclusion body found in the cytoplasm of certain nerve cells containing the rabies virus.

  • Negrillo

    [ni-gril-oh] /nɪˈgrɪl oʊ/ noun, plural Negrillos (especially collectively) Negrillo. 1. a member of any of various small-statured, indigenous peoples of Africa, as a Pygmy. /nɪˈɡrɪləʊ/ noun (pl) -los, -loes 1. a member of a dwarfish Negroid race of central and southern Africa

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    [ney-gree sem-bee-lahn, sem-bee-lahn, nuh-gree] /ˈneɪ gri sɛmˈbi lɑn, ˌsɛm biˈlɑn, nəˈgri/ noun 1. a state in Malaysia, on the SW Malay Peninsula. 2580 sq. mi. (6682 sq. km). Capital: Seremban. /ˈnɛɡrɪ sɛmˈbiːlən/ noun 1. a state of S Peninsular Malaysia: mostly mountainous, with large areas under paddy and rubber. Capital: Seremban. Pop: 859 924 (2000). […]

  • Negritic

    [ni-grit-ik] /nɪˈgrɪt ɪk/ adjective 1. of or relating to blacks or to the Negritos. /nɪˈɡrɪtɪk/ adjective 1. relating to the Negroes or the Negritos adj. 1878, from Negro + -itic.

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