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[mong-goh-lee-uh, mon-] /mɒŋˈgoʊ li ə, mɒn-/

a region in Asia including of China and the .
Also, Nei Monggol. .
Outer, former name of .
[ney] /neɪ/
a republic in E central Asia: made a Chinese province in 1691; became autonomous in 1911 and a republic in 1924; multiparty democracy introduced in 1990. It consists chiefly of a high plateau, with the Gobi Desert in the south, a large lake district in the northwest, and the Altai and Khangai Mountains in the west Official language: Khalkha. Religion: nonreligious majority. Currency: tugrik. Capital: Ulan Bator. Pop: 3 226 516 (2013 est). Area: 1 565 000 sq km (604 095 sq miles) Former names (until 1924) Outer Mongolia, (1924–92) Mongolian People’s Republic
a vast region of central Asia, inhabited chiefly by Mongols: now divided into the republic of Mongolia, Inner Mongolia (the Mongol Autonomous Region of China), and the Tuva Republic of S Russia; at its height during the 13th century under Genghis Khan

Country in north-central Asia, bordered by Russian Siberia to the north, and China to the east, south, and west. Its capital and largest city is Ulan Bator.

Note: It is unofficially called Outer Mongolia.

Note: Mongolia proclaimed itself independent from China in 1911. With Soviet support, a communist regime was established in 1921. In 1990, the Communist party gave up its monopoly on power.


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