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Neil, born 1941, U.S. singer and songwriter.
Cape, a hill in Canada, in S Quebec, on the St. Lawrence River.
Contemporary Examples

Penn State Goes Too Far in Its Purge of All Things Paterno John Hendrickson August 28, 2012
The Stacks: The Inimitable Albert Brooks Caught at the Dawn of His Movie Career Paul Slansky April 12, 2014


a colourless exceptionally hard mineral (but often tinted yellow, orange, blue, brown, or black by impurities), found in certain igneous rocks (esp the kimberlites of South Africa). It is used as a gemstone, as an abrasive, and on the working edges of cutting tools. Composition: carbon. Formula: C. Crystal structure: cubic
(as modifier): a diamond ring, related adjective diamantine


a figure having four sides of equal length forming two acute angles and two obtuse angles; rhombus
(modifier) rhombic

a red lozenge-shaped symbol on a playing card
a card with one or more of these symbols or (when plural) the suit of cards so marked


the whole playing field
the square formed by the four bases

(formerly) a size of printer’s type approximately equal to 41/2 point
black diamond, a figurative name for coal
rough diamond

an unpolished diamond
a person of fine character who lacks refinement and polish

(transitive) to decorate with or as with diamonds
A form of pure carbon that occurs naturally as a clear, cubic crystal and is the hardest of all known minerals. It often occurs as octahedrons with rounded edges and curved surfaces. Diamond forms under conditions of extreme temperature and pressure and is most commonly found in volcanic breccias and in alluvial deposits. Poorly formed diamonds are used in abrasives and in industrial cutting tools.


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