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  • Nek

    /nɛk/ noun 1. (capital when part of name) (South African) a mountain pass: Lundeans Nek

  • Nekeb

    cavern, a town on the boundary of Naphtali (Josh. 19:33). It has with probability, been identified with Seiyadeh, nearly 2 miles east of Bessum, a ruin half way between Tiberias and Mount Tabor.

  • Nekhbet

    [nek-bet] /ˈnɛk bɛt/ noun, Egyptian Religion. 1. the guardian goddess of Upper Egypt, often represented as a vulture.

  • Nekrasov

    /Russian nɪˈkrasəf/ noun 1. Nikolai Alekseyevich (nikaˈlaj alɪkˈsjejɪvitʃ). 1821–77, Russian poet, who wrote chiefly about the sufferings of the peasantry

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