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neoarthrosis ne·o·ar·thro·sis (nē’ō-är-thrō’sĭs)
Variant of nearthrosis.


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  • Neoblastic

    neoblastic ne·o·blas·tic (nē’ə-blās’tĭk) adj. Developing in or characteristic of new tissue.

  • Neo-Catholic

    [ne-oh-kath-uh-lik, -kath-lik] /ˌnɛ oʊˈkæθ ə lɪk, -ˈkæθ lɪk/ adjective 1. of or relating to those Anglicans who avowedly prefer the doctrines, rituals, etc., of the Roman Catholic Church to those of the Anglican communion. noun 2. a neo-Catholic person.

  • Neocerebellum

    neocerebellum ne·o·cer·e·bel·lum (nē’ō-sěr’ə-běl’əm) n. The large lateral portion of the cerebellar hemisphere receiving its dominant input from afferent nerves originating from all parts of the cerebral cortex.

  • Neocene

    [nee-uh-seen] /ˈni əˌsin/ adjective, noun, Geology. 1. . /ˈniːəˌsiːn/ adjective, noun 1. a former word for Neogene

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